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The ESR Screen Protector is a really great screen protector that I tested out for its durability and effectiveness. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the company behind this product has been around since 2002, so they’ve actually had plenty of time to perfect their products in order not only protect your phone but also give you peace of mind with a warranty card included. They have four different options to choose from based on what color you want: black, white, champagne gold or silver; however, if it’s too much trouble deciding between colors then just go ahead and order two.

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Features of ESR Screen Protector

1. Compatible with iPad 9th Gen (2021), iPad 8th Gen (2020), iPad 7th Gen (2019), and iPad Air 3 (2019)
2. Bubble-Free Installation
3. HD Protection
4. High Touch Sensitivity
5. Scratch Protection

1. Compatible with iPad 9th Gen (2021), iPad 8th Gen (2020), iPad 7th Gen (2019), and iPad Air 3 (2019)

The iPad isn’t just a device to watch movies and play games on, it’s also an amazing tool for art. The screen protector allows you to draw and paint like never before without worrying about scratching your precious new tablet. It’s made of high-quality tempered glass with anti-fingerprint technology that doesn’t leave any residue behind on the screen. While still being thin enough not to get in the way when typing or watching videos, this durable electronic accessory will save your invaluable gadget from damage caused by accidental drops or spills!

2. Bubble-Free Installation

A screen protector is designed to protect the LCD display of your mobile device from scratches and damages, but it also needs to be able to adhere well enough that you don’t have to worry about constantly having bubbles popping up. ESR Screen Protector has been carefully crafted with a unique advanced adhesive technology, making it truly bubble free installation every single time on any smooth surface!

3. HD Protection

Its hard to find a good quality screen protector that is reliable and keeps your phone or tablet safe from scuffs, scratches, and all the other things you can’t help but do with it. While others are just not worth the risk. ESR Screen Protectors have been designed specifically for touchscreen devices like phones and tablets so they will offer maximum protection while still maintaining clarity of your device’s display

4. High Touch Sensitivity

The ESR Screen Protector features 4. High Touch Sensitivity, which makes it easier to use the touchscreen on your device without worrying about any accidental touches that would interact with other buttons or functions of your screen. It’s also designed for a perfect fit so you won’t have to worry about bubbles forming and seeping through from the sides, unlike many cheaper options out there that are often not even made specifically for smartphones!

5. Scratch Protection

ESR is a brand of screen protector that offers 5 layers of protection while still being thin and lightweight. With this thickness, you get the best possible protection from your phone or tablet’s display without weighing it down. This makes them perfect for extended use when carrying around your device with you on-the-go.;

Reviews & Ratings of ESR Screen Protector

Our Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

ESR is a brand that offers screen protectors for nearly every device in your life. They offer different levels of protection, from the basic to the super high-tech. Their customer reviews are usually pretty spectacular and their products have been well-received by most people who’ve tried them out so far.
I found 10 reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded ESR with 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average, which would make it one my top picks among similar brands as well if I was looking for something new!
The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall but there were some niggling points raised here and there: One review said, “It’s not difficult or dangerous to put this on your phone … take care when you’re applying it though because sometimes dust gets caught under the protective layer while applying”; another stated “It will add bulk but it doesn’t feel too much like a case.” But no one else seems to have experienced these difficulties either so perhaps its just an isolated issue? Other customers said things like “I am always skeptical about buying anything online…this arrived perfectly intact,” “This protector looks good/works great without any bubbles,” and finally “”Love this product!””
That makes me very confident in recommending ESR Screen Protectors as well


Most consumers agree that the ESR screen protector offers an effective way to protect their devices from dings, scratches and fingerprints. It is also easy to apply this screen protection without leaving any residue once removed, making it a popular choice for users on budget-friendly budgets who want maximum device safety and coverage at a low price point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESR a good screen protector?

A: I am not sure.

What is ESR tempered glass?

A: ESR tempered glass is a type of tempered glass that has been treated with an electrostatic discharge process. This process helps to prevent static electricity from building up on the surface of the glass, which can cause scratches and other damage.

What is the most protective type of screen protector?

A: The most protective type of screen protector is a tempered glass screen protector. Tempered glass is made by heating the glass to high temperatures and then quickly cooling it, which creates a layer of hard, durable material on the surface of the glass.

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